Urban Cottage

Residential / Freshwater

The intimate design of this Los Angeles home offers a warm and inviting feeling that permeates family gatherings, dinner parties, and celebrations. Yet its unique floorplan lends a sense of privacy and serenity to its distinctly divided sections that are beautifully integrated by this 900 gallon freshwater aquarium. With both indoor and outdoor viewing, this tropical riverbed provides exclusive character, conversation, entertainment, and tranquility.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Freshwater Community


Specifications: Custom Acrylic Rectangle- 15’L x 2.5’W x 3’H. Local and remote Filtration Systems. Custom LED lighting system. Faux riverbed décor.

Objectives: Create an aquarium that replaces the initial design and architecture used to separate three specific areas of the house: the home office, the guest bathroom, and an outdoor entertaining location. Utilize creative aquascaping, technology, and aquatic systems engineering to provide a pristine display of aquatic life along the entire wall while ensuring privacy and relaxation.