The Clubhouse

Residential / Saltwater

Tucked behind the iron gates of this exclusive country club community is a hidden luxury that brings a traditional-style interior design to the forefront. Throughout the 22,000 square foot home are unique amenities that create a palatial retreat from the bustle of nearby Los Angeles. At the center of the main floor great room is a 900 gallon saltwater aquarium home to dozens of tropical fish from around the world. Complimentary to the custom bar, gaming corner, and expansive gathering space, the grandeur of this aquarium installation lends an updated design element to the classic opulence of this “dwelling on the green.”

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Saltwater Coral Reef Insert


Create a focal point within the great room that would encourage conversation and entertain guests. Replace traditional elements of fine art with a creative display of sea life and the world underwater. Match the grandeur and attitude of the interior design by creating an over-the-top aquarium display that feels expansive yet scaled to the entire home.

• Custom acrylic rectangle- 96”L x 36”W x 60”H
• Custom local and remote filtration system
• Complete remote monitoring device with full water parameter reporting, leak detection, emergency shut off, and worldwide smart alert
• Programmable L.E.D. lighting system with daylight and moonlight effects