On The Strand

Residential / Saltwater

This luxury beachfront property located in Hermosa Beach, CA is an entertainer’s paradise. With a ground floor completely dedicated to all things Red Sox, this sports fanatic has built the ultimate man cave perfect for game day.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Saltwater Decorative Coral


Specifications: Custom Acrylic Vertical Rectangle- 4’ L x 4’ W x 5.5’H. Remote Filtration. L.E.D. lighting system.

Objectives: Introduce an exciting element to a sports room with every entertainment amenity.

“We built our home over the course of 2.5 years. From the beginning, Infinity Aquarium Design was prepared for each and every phase of construction. They were punctual with their fabrication and delivery times and were crucial in providing the overall aesthetic that we love seeing every day.”

~ Homeowner