Modern Menagerie

Residential / Freshwater

The emerald tones of this 1000 gallon planted aquarium lend stylish consistency to the gallery walls of this luxuriously modern Hollywood home. Fashioned after renowned Japanese aquarist, Takashi Amano, this underwater garden was designed with endless detail. The simplistic, rectangular shape is embedded with proportional specifics that offer an aesthetic variation of Mr. Amano’s exhibit at the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan. Wild-caught Tefe discus school with tranquility and bring an unmatched serenity to this custom interior design.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Freshwater Live Planted


Specifications: Custom Acrylic Rectangle- 132”L x 32”W x 50”H. Custom Remote Filtration. Remote Monitoring Device and Leak Detection. Programmable LED Lighting System. German-Engineered Variable Speed DC Pumps. Ultra Silent/Energy Efficient Design.

Objectives: Recreated the work of highly regarded aquarist, Takashi Amano. Utilize his methods and formulas to design the ultimate planted display for an ultra-modern custom home.

Special Note: This aquarium is the largest freshwater planted aquarium located in a private residence within the United States.