Residential / Saltwater

A little over an hour south of Los Angeles, lies a quiet community that has found a way to remove the frantic pace of the Hollywood metropolis and embrace the relaxing atmosphere and present mindset better known as “the beach life”. Lido Island is known for its prime, in-demand waterfront properties, close-knit community of ground breaking entrepreneurs and captains of industry, as well as its coastal aesthetic and one of a kind network of high-end, designer custom homes.

We were chosen to create an installation that provided the most dramatic focal point for the great room of this lavish family home. With customization and perfection as the guiding goals, we were able to design and craft the aquarium to maintain the same elements of quality and caliber palpable throughout the entire house.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Saltwater Faux Reef



• Design and install a large-scale saltwater aquarium that utilizes the entire wall of the family room.
• Maintain the subtle beach-vibe and custom Farmhouse aesthetic in the materials and textures surrounding and integrating with the aquarium element.
• Provide a focal point from inside and outside the house, and create something visible enticing for the sailing passerby out on the harbor.
• Create a realistic, saltwater aquatic exhibit that would grab the endless attention of even the most experienced divers.

• Custom, 1,500 gallon acrylic aquarium and steel frame support stand
• High-end remote filtration with complete automation, remote monitoring system and commercial-grade equipment
• Custom LED lighting system with 14,000K color spectrum
• Hand crafted custom cabinetry surround with full access above and below the aquarium