la Casa Arbol

Residential / Freshwater

High atop Los Angeles, California, along Hollywood’s famous Mulholland Drive, this ultra-chic custom home delivers an incredible blend of luxury and comfort. At the center, a unique residential aquatic exhibit that offers a viewing window into Lake Malawi, one of Africa’s incredible treasures. This 500 gallon custom aquarium is home to over 50 African Peacock Cichlids that deliver a vibrant and organic color palette against an inorganic background, perfectly resonating with the components of the home’s interior design.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Freshwater African Cichlid


Specifications: Custom acrylic rectangle, 60”L x 32”W x 60”H. Complete remote filtration system with advanced remote monitoring systems that include worldwide alerts and leak detection. Fully programmable LED lighting system. Custom, hand-made faux rock work. Custom Bulthaup cabinetry enclosure.

• Deliver an inviting aquatic exhibit that tells the story of Lake Malawi, Africa.
• Combine the components of the interior design with the aesthetic of the aquarium by incorporating inorganic materials as a back drop and revealing the full color spectrum through the beauty of the fish.
• Create a conversation piece for guests and family as they experience the aquarium for the first time.


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