Residential / Saltwater

Nestled within the Hollywood Hills, this Mid-century, with a twist of Craftsman, custom home has all of the feels of a quaint and cozy bungalow while providing the amenities and privacy of the ideal suburban spread. The multi-unit compound creates an oasis from the nearby Sunset Strip and the fast-paced lifestyle that Los Angeles is known for.

While the backyard pool retreat and panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley are an immediate invitation to unwind, the ultimate showstopper is the 1,500 gallon custom saltwater aquarium that draws any audience to enjoy a moment of zen and curiosity. Although there are plenty of places to relax, this newly created dining room/lounge space has become the favorite room in the house.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Saltwater Faux Reef



• Design and install a large-scale aquarium within the home that not only provides an incredible focal point, but has all of the sophistication, technology and functionality available within the aquarium trade.
• Convert existing bedroom/bathroom into a laboratory-grade life support system room and quarantine facility.
• Implement full automation and remote monitoring to conduct water changes, maintain water quality and facilitate filtration and maintenance protocols via a globally monitored, cloud-based interface.

• Custom acrylic rectangle: 10’L x 4’W x 5’H. 2″ Cell-cast, American made material
• 350 Sq.Ft. dedicated filtration room with commercial-grade life support system, full quarantine facility, and fully reserved RODI filtration system and back up generator
• Complete remote monitoring system with world-wide alert, leak detection, and smartphone control via cloud-based user interface
• Fully programmable lighting display with dedicated day/night time photoperiods
• Custom cabinetry surround