Grand Waterfront

Residential / Saltwater

Nestled along the exclusive Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California, this exquisite waterfront custom home blends elegant, East Coast charm with picturesque Southern California appeal. Providing endless amenities, this dream home offers modern, cutting edge technology with a warm, traditional hospitality. A 1,200 gallon state-of-the-art custom aquarium becomes the focal point of the main floor great room that creates the ideal fusion between an extraordinary interior design and a breathtaking harbor view.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Saltwater Coral Reef Insert


Specifications: Custom Acrylic Rectangle- 132”L x 36”W x 50”H. Local & Remote Filtration. Programmable LED Lighting System. Custom, Acid-washed Stainless Steel Cabinetry. German-engineered Energy Efficient Variable-speed Pumps. Split-design Heating/Cooling System with Condenser Located to Rooftop For Complete Noise/Heat Elimination. 100% Backed-up By TESLA Batteries. Custom Hand-made Coral Reef Insert for Interior Aquascape.

Objectives: Design and install a state-of-the-art dramatic aquarium that would create an realistic, underwater window into an active and vibrant coral reef display. Utilize all technologies available to minimize energy costs, eliminate all ambient filtration noise, and establish complete energy efficiency.