Coastal Hideaway

Residential / Saltwater

This quiet, seaside community took notice as we craned in our aquarium and placed it on day one of the installation. The collaboration of construction and design teams perfected the vision of creating a show stopping, over the top aquarium. With subterranean plumbing, custom electrical provisions, and state-of-the-art remote monitoring systems, the guesswork becomes obsolete.

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design


Specifications: Custom Acrylic Bullnose Peninsula- 96”L x 40”W x 40”H. Remote Filtration. Custom metal halide and T5 lighting system and reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Objectives: Contrast the soft, subtle attributes of this home with a vibrant and active aquarium that is unique in its size, shape, and attitude. Provide the highest quality environment for hundreds of living species that produce a color wheel at every glance.

“To be at the helm of a project of this caliber and cost, requires expertise, experience, and creativity. My impressions of Infinity Aquarium Design have always been that they are a trustworthy brand capable of consistently delivering those qualities and traits.”

~ Sophia Henley, Interior Designer