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Residential / Freshwater

Who wouldn’t want the world’s greatest wow factor in their master bedroom? At just under 500 gallons, this custom freshwater aquarium delivers a vibrant and unexpected surprise. Designed for one of the world’s most popular social media influencers, this aquarium was the focus of a viral video that one of YouTubes biggest star’s shared with his 15M plus subscribers. The hand-made faux river décor and high-end custom cabinetry are integrated with technology and entertainment that make this aquarium truly one of a kind!

DESIGNED BY: Infinity Aquarium Design
CLASSIFICATION: Freshwater Fancy Goldfish


Specifications: Custom Acrylic Rectangle- 8’L x 3’W x 40”H. Local Filtration. LED Lighting System. Custom Oak Cabinetry. Ultra-quiet Variable-speed Pumps, 65” Flat Screen Television Hidden in Cabinet Raised by Remote Control.

Objectives: Create a large aquatic freshwater aquatic display at the foot of the bed that overwhelmingly evokes relaxation and serenity while remaining the focal point for the entire room. Create a custom cabinet that allows for a 65” flat screen television to raise up for on-demand entertainment at the touch of a remote control.

“You know you’ve made it when you’ve got a TV that rises out of your aquarium!”

~ JP