Why Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles?

Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles believes that an aquarium is more than just a fish tank. With today's technology and premium building materials, almost anything is possible in terms of size, shape, and design of your aquarium. Aquarium designers – the best ones anyway – are artists in their own right, combining the vision and imagination of a professional designer with the skills of a master craftsman.

That's exactly what you get with Infinity. Together, the team members at Infinity Aquarium Design have over 30 years custom designing, building, and maintaining aquariums in the Los Angeles area, throughout Southern California, and across the country. They specialize in providing clients with something a little different, like their cylindrical aquarium centerpieces and incredible in-wall aquariums that are literally picture frames into another world.

Those are just two examples of the endless possibilities. Take a look at some of Infinity's photo galleries of custom-designed aquariums or demonstration videos to see some of the work they have done in the past.

You'll notice the quality of the aquascaping, the great mix of fish and other organisms within each mini-ecosystem, and the variety in aquarium design. But what you might not realize immediately is how well each aquarium fits in the room it occupies. Infinity takes special care to integrate your aquarium into your room design – even working with your interior designer or contractor where necessary – to ensure it becomes a seamless design element in its own right.

Infinity provides design services for residential aquariums, commercial aquariums, and TV/movie production aquariums. We also offer professional aquarium maintenance services and cleaning for worry-free, hassle-free enjoyment of your aquatic display.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your custom aquarium design project or to learn more about our services.

Infinity Aquarium Design of L.A. is:

Fully Bonded/Insured
A Member of the Better Business Bureau
A Member of the Jantech Aquatic's Certified Reef Aquarists
A Member of the American Marinelife Dealers Association