The Beauty of Custom Aquariums

An aquarium is like a living, moving work of art. At least that's how Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles approaches every installation. Our aquariums are more than just "fish tanks," they are a part of the décor of your living or work space. We design them to reflect their surroundings – and your personality – to make your aquarium the centerpiece of your room.

There are several steps involved in every installation (find out more about your custom aquarium design). But one of the first decisions you'll have to make is whether you would like a freshwater aquarium or a marine aquarium. There are pros and cons to both.

Freshwater Aquariums

Again, we are not talking about the typical fish tank you can pick up at your local pet store. Infinity Aquarium Design of LA takes the same time and care designing your custom aquarium to be the perfect accent to any room.

The only difference is the type of fish and other organisms that you'll be putting into your tank. Freshwater tanks are easier to maintain than reef tanks – for example, you don't have to worry about things like salinity levels, alkalinity, light intensity, or live rock like coral. If you are planning to maintain your own aquarium, freshwater tanks tend to be easier and less time-consuming to manage.

Reef Aquariums

Reef aquariums (sometimes called "marine tanks" or "saltwater tanks") on the other hand are much more difficult to maintain. They tend to be much more sensitive to environmental changes, and because they also tend to have a wider variety of species, there is more chance of upsetting the ecosystem balance.

The reward though is a beautiful seascape with brilliant colors and a variety of choices in your livestock that many people believe to be well worth the effort. (Infinity also offers professional aquarium maintenance services throughout the Los Angeles area, so you don't have to worry about maintaining your aquarium at all.)

Find out more about Infinity Aquarium Design of L.A.'s residential aquariums, commercial aquariums, or set design/fish wrangling design services. You can also contact us for questions about your own personal installation.