Custom Home Aquariums

Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles takes a different approach to home aquariums. Gone are the days when you simply went to your local pet store, bought a tank, and set it up on a stand in your living room. Now with new materials and advanced design techniques, Infinity can incorporate your aquarium into your home as a design feature of its own, and the centerpiece of any room.

For example, we can add a cylindrical aquarium to the middle of an entertainment room. Imagine dozens of vibrant, tropical fish swimming around a hand-built custom coral reef. Not only does it bring life and drama to an otherwise static room design, it can act as another light source, and will certainly be an incredible conversation piece.

Perhaps you want to divide a larger room into two distinct areas without actually closing off one section from the other. We can install a wall-like aquarium that allows you to see through to the other side while delineating the space. Again, you get double-duty from your aquarium, featuring it as a "living" design element into your home while still getting the full enjoyment and relaxation.

In fact, Infinity offers you endless design possibilities for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. We use only the highest-grade acrylics and other building materials, and hand-build all custom aquariums right in our own workshop. We can build aquariums into walls, create curved tanks, erect floor-to-ceiling tanks, design in-floor aquariums – as long as your home can manage the weight and the design doesn't violate the laws of physics, we can create anything you like with beautiful craftsmanship.

Infinity will also work with your designer or contractor, if applicable, to ensure your aquarium fits in with their plans.

We also offer full aquarium maintenance service and cleaning to our clients throughout the Los Angeles area, to ensure worry-free enjoyment of your new aquarium.

Check out our gallery of aquarium images or our custom aquarium videos for ideas and inspiration. You can also find out how we design your custom aquarium and ensure a flawless installation every time.

Then contact Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles for a free aquarium design consultation. We'll show you the possibilities.