Custom Aquarium Installation – FAQs

We are building a house and would like to install a new aquarium. At what point should we contact you?

Contact us today!

The process of creating a new aquarium starts when the idea is conceived. Keep in mind the tank will not go in until much of the framing, dry-walling, plumbing, and electrical is complete, but we will get the ideas down on paper and even work your new aquarium into the blueprints!

How long does a typical installation take?

Each job is different. The amount of time an installation will take will all depend on the size and filtration of an aquarium. Once those factors are determined, a realistic time frame can be given for the actual installation.

We would like to put an aquarium in a house that we are currently building. Will the installation take place once everything else is done?

Not necessarily. There are different stages of the installation that we can complete separately so that we can work around your contractors in order to ensure everything will come together by the time you are ready to move in.

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