Custom Aquarium Fabrication – FAQs

What materials do you use to fabricate your aquariums?

Our aquariums are made of acrylic or glass.

What material is better to use when I have my aquarium fabricated: glass or acrylic?

There are pros and cons to both. Acrylic is far superior when it comes to the clarity of all viewing panels. It is also much more cost effective to use when bending or molding a tank into a custom shape or size. Acrylic aquariums are also much lighter in weight than tanks made of glass with identical dimensions.

Glass aquariums tend to be significantly less expensive when you are using them on a smaller scale (<100 gallons). This usually applies only when you are sticking with the standard shapes that are produced in mass quantities. Glass aquariums are also much less prone to scratches that may appear as a result of regular maintenance and wear and tear.

How long does it take to fabricate a custom aquarium?

Fabrication time changes with each individual aquarium. It all depends on how large and how detailed the tank will be. Standard sizes are usually available immediately while larger or more custom aquariums may take several days or weeks to fabricate.

I want to install an aquarium that is bigger than my doorway. Will you fabricate the tank on-sight?

Unfortunately, we do not do on-sight fabrication. All aquariums are fabricated in our warehouse and are then transported by us to the job sight.

I would like to have a tank fabricated to use in conjunction with an art piece and not as an aquarium. Is that something Infinity will do?

Of course! We have built tanks for artists, retail stores, amusement parks, schools, and even TV shows.... all of which were meant to hold water but none of them were meant to house fish!

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wich one would you recomend
written by Olaf, March 24, 2011
Hi my name is Olaf I would like to have a reef tank with the following lenghts 10 f long 3.2 f high and 20 inches wide, now my question is , wich one is better for this one acrylic or glass due to the fact that is going to be in a place were the children can easy touch it and bit it and what about safety.
could you give me the cost for each one .

also how safe would be use a tempered glass and laminated and another tempered glass..

Question about tank
written by Tom, March 24, 2011
How much would you charge to make a custom tank? 24 inches Wide 8 inches deep 10 inches high

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