Custom Aquarium Design – FAQs

I would like to put an aquarium in a space with several unique curves and corners. Is this possible?

Any size and shape is possible as long as the aquarium will not interfere with the laws of physics (e.g. water flows downward with gravity). However, it is important that your aquarium have a certain amount of water volume and surface area in order to properly sustain aquatic life.

I've got the perfect space for an aquarium, but don't have any room for the filtration. Do I have options?

Yes you do! We specialize in designing aquariums with remote filtration. We can plumb your aquarium so that the life support system is in the basement or another area of the house with more room. This is also and excellent option for aquariums that are installed in a home theater or recording area where ambient noise is unwelcome

I am thinking of getting a custom aquarium but am not sure where to start. Can you recommend some options for me?

We sure can! We have an extensive portfolio that illustrates the many options available when choosing a style of aquarium (free standing, in-wall, room divider, ceiling or floor, standard or custom shape/size) and the cabinetry to go with it.

I know that there are both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. I would like to design a tank that fits my taste and budget but am not too familiar with the different environments. Can you help me deicide?

You bet! We love to tell our prospective clients about the many possibilities that come with an aquatic environment. There are several to choose from (freshwater, planted, brackish, saltwater fish-only, saltwater living reef) and we will help you figure out which one suits you the best.

Our home/office is being remodeled and we have hired an interior designer to facilitate the new look. Are you able to work with him/her to come up with an appropriate idea for a custom aquarium in the new space?

We will gladly work with your designer(s) to match any themes, colors or materials of the area in which the aquarium will exist.

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