How We Design Your Custom Aquarium

Designing your custom aquarium involves many steps to ensure a safe – and beautiful – installation every time. Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles is recognized as one of the design leaders in Southern California with years of installation experience in both new and existing buildings.

Aquarium Design

The first thing we discuss with you is what type of aquarium you prefer, freshwater tank or reef tank. Reef or saltwater tanks have different needs than freshwater tanks including special lighting and plumbing requirements, which will affect the design and installation.

Then we meet with you to help you determine where to place your aquarium in your living or working space. We can discuss all the options with you and even work with your designer and contractor to ensure that your aquarium meets their design requirements.

We'll also discuss other options like size, shape, placement (for example, free standing, built into a wall, your aquarium as a separating wall, etc.) and provide ideas for making your aquarium a unique centerpiece.

During the design stage, we also inspect the work area to ensure it is appropriate for running plumbing and electrical, and that the floor is structurally sound to take the weight of the tank. We'll work together with your builders, architects, and engineers where necessary.

Aquarium Fabrication

Infinity uses only the highest quality acrylic and glass in your aquarium for better strength and durability as well as aesthetics. In our onsite workshop we can bend and mold your aquarium into any size and shape, giving you endless possibilities. Seams are molecularly bonded – not sealed with resins that can deteriorate over time – to extend the life of your aquarium.

If your installation requires other custom construction such as custom cabinetry, we can provide you with a number of options that will complement your décor. Our team is skilled in all aspects of aquarium construction including wood, metal, glass, and acrylic fabrication.

Aquarium Installation

Infinity takes care of all the installation details from mounting your aquarium to hooking up the plumbing and electrical. For new construction or major renovations, we work with your contractors to meet construction schedules for a seamless partnership and flawless installation. All installations meet federal, state, and municipal building codes.

Most aquariums, particularly reef tanks and saltwater aquariums, require a cycling process to establish a biological bacteria bed to break down excessive organics and toxic wastes. Infinity manages this process as part of the installation, rather than leaving you with the responsibility of caring for you tank during this critical stage.

Ongoing Support – Guaranteed

Infinity guarantees the workmanship of every installation for the life of your aquarium – guaranteed. If you ever experience problems caused by design, fabrication, or installation, we'll come out immediately to make it right.

We also offer a comprehensive aquarium maintenance service, for worry-free care of your new aquarium.

Contact Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles today for your free consultation or see some examples of custom aquariums we've already created.