Aquariums for Restaurants, Hotels, and Other Commercial Spaces

Nothing brings elegance and class to a restaurant, hotel, or office space quite like an aquarium. Infinity Aquarium Design of Los Angeles specializes in full custom aquarium design for any commercial space. We incorporate your aquarium into your new or existing design so that it becomes part of the room, not just an item in it.

For example, perhaps you are designing a new atrium for your office building. Often, visitors are intimidated and overwhelmed by large, empty spaces. Perhaps that is not the first impression you want to give. We can design, build, and install a full wall-sized aquarium that will bring warmth and ambient light into your atrium. You will still impress your visitors without making them feel daunted.

This is just one example of how Infinity can help you add interest and a relaxing element into your area. With our in-house workshop and only the best materials like acrylic, glass, metal, and wood, we can design and fabricate any size or shaped aquarium from 60 gallons to 60,000 for your living, breathing displays.

If you are currently building or renovating your commercial space, we'll work with your designer and contractors to ensure your aquarium is seamlessly incorporated into their designs.

See some of the installations we've created over the years in our aquarium gallery and our aquarium video library – maybe you'll get some inspiration of your own.

Then contact Infinity Aquarium Design of L.A. to find out more about our aquarium design, fabrication, and installation services.

We also offer full aquarium maintenance services for freshwater and saltwater tanks (new installations or existing aquariums) so that your investment is professionally maintained on a regular basis.