"CHALK" One Up For the Kids

Each member of our installation crew provides individual creativity for every project we take on. Some of our guys are real technical nuts that thrive off the mechanics of the aquarium and custom designed filtration we are often recognized for. Such guys usually are the ones who would rather show you their cars' engines before they let you feel the comfort of the bucket seats. And then there are guys like me: totally into the exterior package and the overall visual aesthetics. And believe me, although my car has the horsepower of a small lawnmower, its gorgeous, and gets plenty of attention as I sail down Sunset Boulevard. Ultimately, the cohesion of our crew produces the entire combination of performance and style when the aquarium installation is complete. So when I got a call from Chalk Preschool in Chicago to inquire about including a very unique and very specific aquarium in the blue prints of their brand spankin' new Los Angeles extension I got pretty jazzed about being able to display our special talents.

Here's the idea: upon entering the facility there's a slightly sloped ramp leading up to the reception desk. This makes the front door handicap accessible and also provides a venue for after hours skateboarding (just kidding on the skate boards). However, once you reach the reception desk and continue down to the multiple classrooms there is now a ledge where the pathway and the slope run parallel (forgive me for making this sound like and algebra equation) and the city requires something called a knee-wall to prevent anyone from making one false step and…you get the idea. Needless to say, this knee-wall was mentally replaced with an aquarium that had the dimensions suitable for 2-4 year olds. Quite frankly- I fell in love with the idea of a long but short aqua-wall built for the little futures of America! The project quickly began to move forward and by mid-summer we had the tank fabricated and cabinetry built.

Fast forward to this week, when the aquarium is ready for fish. Part of me feels like a twelve-year old boy again when I make trips to the wholesaler to pick up a clients fish that have been imported from some corner pocket of the world's oceans. Its easy to forget that I have a "job" to do because what part of shopping for exotic creatures is work? Here's what we got: 1) Naso Tang, 1) Blue Tang, 1) Sailfin Tang, 1) Banana Wrasse/Sunset Wrasse, 1) Foxface Rabbit fish, 2) Percula Clownfish (gotta have Nemo!), 5) XL Green Chromis, and 1) Blue-spotted Puffer. I used Nature Bac's concentrated nitrifying bacteria to insta-cycle the aquarium and did a two hour acclimation followed by a fresh water dip. We're golden!

For the "engine people", here's what's underneath the hood: Wet/Dry Bio filter, Top Fathom protein skimmer, an Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Aqua Logic in-line chiller, Energy Savers titanium

grounding probe, Iwaki 55 RLT, Supreme Mag 7 (to drive the skimmer), Via Aqua titanium heater with auto-thermostat and 3- 36"- 30 watt- 50/50 florescent bulbs with an 8 hour light cycle and two Durso standpipes. And for the people who don't care about the horse power: 120 lbs. of Tideline USA crushed coral sand #1, 100 lbs. of assorted lace/imagination rock, and two sets of hand-picked decorative coral skeletons from Tideline USA USA that are rotated and sun bleached as needed.


Video coming soon!!!


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