I'll Give Ya Somethin' To Blog About!

Well if it aint about time! Although the idea has been on the table over at Infinity for well over two years now, it wasn't until today that we've finally launched our redeveloped website with the beautiful addition of this wonderful blog! Upon entering the world of file sharing, and creating our ever-popular YouTube page, the growing masses of aquarium hobbyists have made their presence known and have begun to come to us with some crazy and wonderful questions. We though that YouTube would be the answer to putting our opinions out on the internet but quickly found out that the time and energy it takes to shoot, edit, upload and view a 2 min installation clip was nothing short of Tchaikovsy's "Sleeping Beauty"......yeah...I know.
So here we are, reading my latest and greatest idea to reach our thousands...wait, let me say that again...THOUSANDS of viewers, fans and dare I say...potential clients. This little blog is for anyone and everyone who digs the world of aquariums, loves the oceans rivers and streams, and is willing to support or challenge what we have to offer. May I be the first to WELCOME YOU!
Special thanks must go out to our wonderful web developers at Isotropic Media, Inc.

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