The Living Reef

The Living Reef Aquarium is a self-sustaining eco system that truly brings a slice of Mother Nature into the home or office. While most marine systems bring focus to the vibrant and exotic fish available from our oceans and seas, the reef aquarium offers a deeper glimpse into our oceanic worlds by focusing on the beautiful corals and invertebrates that thrive in shallow, tropical marine waters. The detail and intricacy of this environment produces a constantly changing world for the aquarium owner and slowly displays the maturation process of our coral reefs around the globe.

Unlike fish-only saltwater aquariums, much of the emphasis is understandably on the coral life and architecture of the actual display. Smaller, more docile fish are introduced into the aquarium to provide added activity and specific colors that may be missing from the background. Void of any and all synthetic formations, the living reef aquarium’s natural foundation is pre-cured ocean live rock and the relationships between producers, consumers and detritivores is activated right before your eyes as your new reef aquarium will likely be home to many fish, corals, crabs, snails, shrimp, clams, mollusks, sponges, sea stars, urchins, and more!

  • The most natural and life-like saltwater environment
  • Real corals that grow and propagate
  • Ability to house smaller, more delicate fish and invertebrates
  • Ability to view natural ocean life interactions and relationships