Freshwater Planted

The Freshwater Planted Aquarium is an all-natural environment that gives you a glimpse into the tropical rivers and streams that flow through warmer regions of the world. Think of it as the aquatic version of your backyard garden, with lush and dense greenery only to find schools of exotic tropic fish navigating the underwater aquascape. Planted aquariums begin with a foundation of various terrestrial and river rocks which are nicely accompanied by unique pieces Asian driftwood that will truly give any backdrop an organic and custom look. These hand-collected pieces are then enveloped with different species of live plants and schools of exotic and attractive freshwater fish. Most of the fish suitable for a freshwater-planted aquarium tend to be on the smaller side due to the destructive nature of their larger counterparts.

The freedom to stock the aquarium with these smaller species allows the owner the possibility of attaining one or several schools of fish, and the ability to observing their natural behavior in this functioning ecosystem. And the dynamics of a freshwater-planted aquarium are no different than what would occur in the wild. The availability of plants to filter the aquarium water negates the need for a dedicated bio-filer. It is actually the plants ability to release oxygen for the fish and utilize the nutrients in the water that establishes and maintains the ecology of the aquarium environment. The end result is a calming and ethereal presentation that stands out from your average “fish tank”.

  • The most natural and life-like freshwater environment
  • Real plants that grow and propagate
  • The ability to house smaller, more delicate fish and certain invertebrates
  • The ability to view schooling behavior in certain fish