About Us

We specialize in the design, fabrication, installation and professional maintenance of custom aquariums. With over thirty years of combined experience, we have built a respectable reputation as one of Southern California’s leaders and take pride in bringing our clients joy and excitement through our aquatic creations. It is our continued promise to deliver the best possible results within each individual project through our attention to detail, dedicated effort, and continued education of the products, theories, and possibilities available within the aquarium and pet trade. Whether we are installing a 60 gallon or 6000 gallon aquarium, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction and make it our goal to bring your custom dream aquarium to life! Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Fully Bonded/Insured
Member: Better Business Bureau
Member: Jantech Aquatic's Certified Reef Aquarists
Member: American Marinelife Dealers Association

Our knowledgeable design team is fully educated in all areas of custom aquaria including: plumbing, electrical, remote filtration, and wood and metal fabrication. We will work with your architects, contractors, and engineers from the planning stages through the installation to ensure everyone is on the same page and the desired results are obtained efficiently and effectively.

Infinity Aquarium Design fabricates custom and standard aquariums using only the finest acrylic and glass. Able to bend and mold your aquarium into any desirable shape or size, the possibilities seemingly become endless! With so many options to choose from, our expert designers will work with your visions and ideas to create the perfect aquarium for you! We enjoy educating our prospective clients on the limitless varieties that custom fabrication will offer. We get down to specifics and will work with the design to determine the types of seams, corners, pre-filter placements, and plumbing that will suit your aquarium best! After all, doing it right it goes way beyond selecting a size and shape!

You’ve done the planning, you’ve envisioned the design, and you’ve dealt with the waiting. The day has finally come for the installation of your new custom aquarium! Infinity Aquarium Design has been named “one of the nation’s preeminent aquarium design companies” and continues to set its standards high above the rest. When it comes to installing your aquarium, we take pride in demonstrating the utmost responsibility and professionalism on the job. No matter how small or large the project, we will leave you with a quality piece of work. Whether your aquarium is going to be in-wall or free standing, in a home or a business, and whether the filtration is underneath the tank or 50 yards away, our team will deliver your desired results- GUARANTEED!